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Corner Store #1729

1912 Ne Evangeline Thruway
Lafayette, LA 70501-1924


Snickers King 2-$2
Snickers King 2-$2
Most Nuts Ever!

Offer good through May 6, 2014

NEW! Fresh Choices Taco Rollos
NEW! Fresh Choices Taco Rollos
Chile Y Limon, Ranch and Nacho

Offer good through Aug 4, 2014

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Business Hours

Monday to Saturday 5:00 AM to Midnight
Sunday 6:00 AM to Midnight

@ This Corner Store


Air & WaterICEE
ATMPay at pump
Fun FoodRed Box
Corner Store Lafayette, LA

Reported Gas Prices

3.39 9/10 Unleaded 
3.58 9/10 Unleaded + 
3.79 9/10 Premium